Jony Ive Book Review: A Tale of Machines & Tyrannical Honchos?

How does Apple work inside as a company? If you wondered or asked this question, then you’ll want to pick up the biography book on Jony Ive since much is revealed. In the meantime, see what are Steve’s lessons right after finishing reading it.

Easily Pickup Symfony by Understanding Its File Directory

What if you have no idea where to begin nor have a mental map? Diving into Symfony without a bird’s view of the system will only serve to handcuff you. This is a great starting point to understand the PHP framework & how it works.

Hand Sanitizer Advertising: An Overlooked Offline Medium

You enter a supermarket and that’s the first image you see. What would you think of it? I’ll tell you what I thought: nothing much. When entering a location, your immediate goal is getting inside by any means so your attention hardly goes elsewhere. Oh my eyes noticed that soap-like dispenser but kept moving on along with my body. It didn’t help the position of that particular device was awkward: way off to the side, away from the entrance and exit; almost stashed.

Have Access to All Search Engines from Your Browser

Have you ever wanted to access Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, Image search, the Way Back Machine, YouTube search and more easily from your browser without having to directly visit each site? Well, there is a magical way that'll cut your wasted time by a lot.

Jason Fried on a Different Way to Market Your Product + Service

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Do you know that chefs are using marketing techniques that you may not be aware of nor fully understand? Ordinary people are effectively promoting stuff without needing a huge advertising budget. You may want to take a gander by checking out Jason Friend’s video.

Rowboat Basics: What the F Is a Bow & Stern?

Do you remember climbing onto a rowboat and not knowing what a bow and stern is? Or maybe you keep confusing the labels? Well, today I reveal a simple little visual trick to forever remember which end is which.

The Great Map of the US Designed by One Man

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After spending two years on his U.S. wall map, David Imus won out over the National Geographic, the CIA Cartography Center, and the U.S. Census Bureau. But what what makes his map different? More importantly, you’ll learn what lesson to take from this & how this applies to your own design work.

Uncover Your Content Strategy with Questions on User Intent

You write and write yet you get nowhere. You’re putting the effort but you’re seeing nothing. Not even a speckle of results. It’s frustrating. You know you’re missing something but don’t know what. Learn what are the high level levers for a highly effective Content Management strategy

Using the Power of Water to Lose Weight?

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Your belly keeps growing. You look at other fit people all around you. You wonder how this is possible. Well, here is something you can do with a liquid to help. I never heard of this tip before.