Something so simple, it’s unnoticeable.

The Secret Untouchable Force That Can Root Out All Your Problems?

If you turn this on full force, you’ll escape major life worries, humongous failures, motivation issues, procrastination behavior & probably other bad stuff too. Pfft, of course I don’t guarantee it but it will, at the very least, point you in the right direction.

What is it?

Moolah. Dinero. Benjamins. Money!

Haha just kidding.

Actually, it’s curiosity.

Yes, really. Curiosity. I’m not kidding this time.

Hey! Don’t give me that disappointed look.

Your ignorance will “kill” you over time… ever so slowly

The one thing looked down upon the most is not lack of funds, certain clothing, or even an “education”. It’s not knowing

This egotistical bast…

Think about it. Nearly all problems stem from a lack of knowledge.

  • Long term anxiety: Not knowing what to do next and/or what will happen in the future. You worry your pretty little head over the shrouded timeline ahead of you.
  • Consistent failures: Not seeing the right step you should’ve taken. Your last work project failed due to not meeting expectations from that big client. In other words, you were in the dark with what they expected out of you.
  • Loss of motivation: Not understanding yourself. What you’ve been doing until now somehow is no longer fun and lacks pizazz. It’s like nothing seems to light your ass on fire anymore. The problem is you aren’t sure why.
  • Not getting things done: You leave this for the last minute because you don’t know what to do, how to do it, and when to do things. (If it even needs to be done) In some cases you’ll continue procrastinating even after the cows come home.

F***er, all signs point to where?

“What the fxxx? Steve, are you on drugs? Man, you’re a crazy fellow.”

Who told you that?! Uh… I mean, that is just a rumor.

Where was I? Oh yeah, your problems in the end come from not knowing.

“But you can’t always know everything in advanced“, you cry out loud.


However… I’d wager that for a majority of cases, the answer is within reach. Instead of exploring and searching further for it, you merely think about the problem in a broad sense for a few seconds and choose the first plan of attack that comes up.

And there’s a reason for that! A reason why you stop poking around your obstacle?

A lack of curiosity, that’s what!

Imagine yourself as a kid next to a magician in the process of performing a trick. The show ends and you can’t believe how he makes a pigeon appear out of thin air.

You immediately ask the kids around you but they’re as stunned as you are. You manage grab an audience with the trickster himself but he doesn’t offer a real answer. That whole week, you ask your parents, neighbors, teachers and anyone else you consider smart but no one seems to know. It’s not until Saturday evening while browsing online magic tutorial that you discover the secret revealing everything.

When you don’t know the answer to something, and you really want to know, nothing can stop you in finding it.

Think back to when you last were curious. How did you feel and act? Now listen to how the earlier scenarios would’ve played out differently.

When you:

  • feel lost, you become curious. You start looking around for signs and ask the people “nearby” you for advice and direction. If someone doesn’t know, you continue onto another. This is as opposed to simply “crying” about your position and remaining still. As far as you’re concerned, someone knows the answer and it’s a matter of finding him or her.
  • start a project, you turn on your curiosity. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed, you list out the things you don’t know, what you aren’t sure of, and what you think you know. You then try filling in the holes yourself as much as possible. Once done, you go see what others think., all the while asking numerous questions. You’re so into this project, you naturally want to know everything about it and make sure it goes off without a hitch.
  • are procrastinating, you spark your curiosity. Forget trying to do the same thing over and over like before with the same results. Rather this time, you really want to why this keeps tripping you over and over again.

    What’s on your plate? i.e. What are all the different projects you think you need to get done? Which 1-3 must get done soon? What does the end result for each project look like? What are the major steps that come before the end result that you must do to achieve it? Now, think how can you force yourself to work on these few projects and complete them?

    These are questions you could consider to see if you can’t knock this problem away.

Of course, these are all just examples but it offers a glimpse of how you are always in movement when you are curious. You thirst for knowledge doesn’t lower when you are curious.

Sparking your curiosity in the most laziest way possible

Curiosity will pull you out of being still and passive and kick your butt into action. It’s your best friend into how you will go around an obstacle in your given conditions.

You see, when you are ignorant, you are in darkness. Only curiosity has the power to force you out of it.

“But how do I become curious, Steve?”.

Well, first, what is being curious all about? _Curiosity comes from realizing you don’t know something and quickly forming a question. (Usually in your head)

Take this as an example

  1. “I wonder why that dog barks whenever he sees me?”
  2. “Could it be he has rabies?”
  3. “Can’t be. The owner said no while frowning. Maybe because he doesn’t know me?”
  4. “Hey, after spending a few days around the dog and sneaking him treats, he no longer sees me as a stranger and threat!”

So what you must do is become aware of what you don’t know (or when your view of something is murky). Then you must crystallize this enigma by forming a specific question and writing it down. Of course, followed by looking for the answer.

I suggest staring at it as many times throughout the day. It’ll bother you to have a question staring you in the face.

As you know, questions tend to lead to more questions but along the route you’ll pick up answers and move closer to finding a complete answer that works for you. Now it’s these answers along the way that slowly brings clarity to a problem little by little. Continue asking questions and you’ll eventually better understand a problem.

Bringing it all together

“All that with simple questions? Sweet potatoes, Steve! I never thought of it that way. You’re not that slow and stupid.

You are darn right… hey!

You’re probably asking yourself what all this is doing on the homepage. Well, this is the underlying theme of my whole website: I know squat and…

“Haha I knew it”

Shut up for a moment.

I hardly know squat and this section of my website is my way of asking questions and answering it myself in order to find clarity into problems that I come across. As you can guess, I am a highly curious person so follow along.