Sooooo... this is going to be awkward.

You see, I'm always up for meeting new people in real life or trying out new and fun projects.

But between you and me... I don't like spending any more time in front of a bright screen dealing with spam, recruiters, pointless messages, etc. More so with somebody I don't know where I'd rather get to the point. Nothing against anyone but I'd rather know right away if it's worth going forward in less than 2 minutes so I can go back to my nap ^_^)

I'm sure you understand. (Naps are great!)

Having said that, choose one of the below

› For that quick message

I don't know. Maybe it's the medium or maybe because of the character limits. Who knows but I tend to read everything on Twitter:

  • If something I made resonated with you and you just want to say thanks, let me know. Boosting my ego always brings a smile to my face and encourages me to do it again. Aside from you sharing it online, it's hard for me to know if people liked my ideas.
  • If you catch a small error or something I overlooked, I want to fix it. There's nothing wrong with being wrong.
  • If you disagree with what I've said, write a post on your site and tweet me the link. I'll take a look.
  • Or, if you have a quick question or comment, go ahead.

Tweeting is in and probably the best way to reach me.

» For the hush hush

If you have a personal and/or private matter to discuss at length, the best way to get in contact is via email. To avoid spam, I won't spell out my email but it's basically my full name at Gmail. No spaces, dots, or dashes in between. All one word.

All I ask of you is to structure your message by answering the below questions in that order. Found that 90% of individuals that use this format tend to remove the going back and forth for clarification, are clear on what they want to say, head straight to the point, and tend to be well spoken. The kind of people I want to associate with. Plus, they're 87% sexier I'm told ^^

  1. For What Reason Are You Emailing Me? Briefly explain in 1-3 sentences why you're contacting me.
  2. So What? Why Should I Care? Perhaps the most important question. Explain why what you're saying is important to me. Just because it's urgent for you, doesn't mean it is for me.
  3. What Do You Want? Fill in the essential details.
  4. Now What? Bottom line this for me. What do you want me to do? What's the next step? Where do we go from here?