The product I purchased weren't necessarily by these big brands but they were products attached to someone who taught me something...

This idea of sharing and teaching is a really effective way to get the word out about a product or service or business. And I wondered to myself why more companies aren't following the lead of these chefs

There aren't many things stronger than imparting knowledge onto someone else. Think back to your school days and the personal connections with your teachers or even the last time someone corrected you, hopefully not nastily.

When one shares something new, you challenge people to think differently. It's an intimate experience.

In fact, teaching is very much like gift giving except what you hand over is understanding. Do this enough times and you become a resource and a "briber". You'll eventually connect with your audience as they'll associate you with being a trusted expert in the field, in the same way as their school teachers.

Jason Fried

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