Listening in on the Critical Path Bob Moesta interview, Horace Dediu continues his elaboration on the _Job To Be Done_theory. Steve never heard of this theory spelled out clearly before but sounds familiar. That's not to say this isn't original, just that it has remnants of other closely related ideas, the first that comes to mind is Mark Magnacca's So What book.

Anyway, the whole interview is informative but one point that struck a chord is when they mention the attempt to recreate the story a customer goes through before buying something. This breakdown is used as a way to better understand why a customer purchases a product or service and, upon hearing of this story creation, the customer journey map smacked Steve in the head, which is something Steve has been looking into for awhile now. 1

As you can probably figure, the Job To Be Done talk kept Steve tuning in closer as it seems to be an umbrella enveloping & connecting other business concepts, an idea you need to nail down first. Can't wait till Horace dives more on this topic.

  1. What is interesting is the lack of online material on Customer Journey Maps. Either not looking hard enough, looking in the wrong direction, or too good to be free ^_^ Just a thought… ↩︎

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