The 3W Steps.

If you don't go through these steps in some shape or form, you're lost.

You're just doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff. Frankly, you must know at least this much just to even apply for a content strategist position (and be taken seriously) or even build up your blog.

Let me explain.

The 3 keys to a highly effective Content Management strategy

You need to know the answer to 3 simple but overlooked questions: why, who, what.

  • You must know WHY YOU ARE PUBLISHING a piece of content online. Is it to sell a product, to better connect with the audience, to teach, get them to believe a claim, click a link, share an article, etc? This is critical because it leads everything that comes next. If you are publishing content to teach, you'll approach it differently than if you were selling. The WHY provides context and acts as a compass if you get lost along the way.
  • Next, you must know WHO YOU ARE COMMUNICATING TO. If you are writing to a wet-behind-the-ear marketer, you need to approach her differently. You wouldn't discuss smart funnels if she doesn't even have a funnel set up properly. Not only wouldn't she get it, you're overwhelming her and, in the end, you won't reach her. Or, if your audience are dentists, then, ideally, you would want to throw in phrases, situations, and experiences that they can relate to. It'll make them feel like the content is speaking to them.
  • Lastly, focus on WHAT TO SAY. This isn't about searching for the exact words to use but finding the main message to convey. In a tutorial post, for example, are you going to teach how front end products work in general, what makes a good front end product, or the signs of when you should throw away your front end product? In other words, the message as opposed to the expression of it.

I know this all to be true because for the longest time I've been doing it all wrong.


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