In a poetic essay thinking over Steve Jobs death:

…the quicker you can kill a dream by making it real, the quicker you see bigger, more important dreams once blocked by the first. The same goes for celebrity: the deconstruction of celebrity removes excuses. With mystery, and thereby celebrity gone, so also goes the pedestal. Their achievements can be more easily assessed at human scale

Steve finally launches this website and can check off an item from the list of dreams but now see the launch as just the first step. The idea of owning a simple website was just a curtain obscuring and holding back other ambitions wanting to emerge.

Ideas are popping in to think beyond:

  • use website to showcase photography
  • place raw thoughts online to allow others see thought process
  • get more involved in the tech industry via writing
  • use blog to document language learning journey
  • etc

Achieving a goal is like a Pandora box, more dreams spring up.

Of course, going after dreams stem from one's inner ambition and one could ask when does the wanting stop? When do you become satiated?

pandora box

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