Now, for some, the above inspirational video will just do it for you. It'll cause your heart to tingle. Many seek inspirational videos to highlight the mindset they think they need. But while they might give your a momentary boost, that will not cause you to be successful. I propose the following conversation as a better indication of why you're failing.

Why aren’t you successful now?
I am successful.
Let me repeat the question. Why aren’t you successful?
Well, success is different for everyone. Your definition of success doesn’t necessarily mean the same as mine
…Uh huh. Why aren’t you successful?
I don’t have any money. I also lack networking skills and don’t know lots of people.Bullshit.
Why aren’t you a success?
I am getting there. I just don’t have all the information I need. I need to learn about X first before I….
There’s not enough time. I have a lot of things I want to do and haven’t gotten around to it. My GTD list is long…
I don’t know what I want. I can’t narrow it down to one thing. I feel if I choose one thing and it’s wrong, I’d have wasted my time.
Don’t give me that. I am asking you why aren’t you successful yet?
I … haven’t… done… a single damn thing consistently.

And now we know why.

They couldn’t believe it. How could I be so insufferable? It was easy. You see, I am often very short with people who approach me as players and then I find out they are really only voyeurs. Listen, you want to know what is one of the major differences between winners and losers? It is simply… Movement! Winners go out and get going before they know all the answers or even most of the answers. Losers will study a problem endlessly to make sure they don’t do anything “rash.”

Gary Halbert


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