First things first, if you're new here, here's what you can expect from this funky marketing blog: The monkey, that's me, will talk about how to attract the right audience and painlessly inject them with some "drug addiction" such that they irresistibly desire what you do/offer. In other words, it'll be so much cooler than following any random course.

Lastly, to answer that burning question on your head...

What is the definition of marketing?

Do you know what marketing is and how that compares to sales? The best meaning is also the simplest. Well, sales is talking to a prospect one on one on the phone. Marketing is what you do to get that prospect on the phone in the first place.

What is market research?

Getting a feel for what people want and need. Example: If you offer tasty chocolate chip cookies and you recently moved to Springfield, you might ask around about their eating preferences. During your "poking around" research, you might uncover, for example, the town is filled with vegan residents. Well, now knowing that, you might convert your cookie so it's vegan friendly. Compared to the generic competition, wouldn't you say you have a leg up over others? That's what marketing research methods like surveys and other paid tools can help with.

What is market share?

The technical definition is

The percentage of an industry or market's total sales that is earned by a particular company over a specified time period. Market share is calculated by taking the company's sales over the period and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period. This metric is used to give a general idea of the size of a company to its market and its competitors.

er... right. Continuing my cookie example, let's say you when you first came in, no one in the community knew you and so you sold only 1 cookie. However, you knew the only other competition in town sold 100 products over a year. That meant you had 1% market share.

However, after you began offering vegan cookies next year, you sold 50 cookies and your only competition 50 cookies. In this case, your market share jumped to 50%. It's just a way to get a feel for how "big" you are in the industry really.

Types of marketing

There are a tons of different variants when it comes to marketing like

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Sample Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Website Marketing

And generally marketers will position themselves as an expert on so and so. Everybody makes it bigger and more confusing than it really is. What you really need to understand though is you're simply trying to connect with people who are likely to buy from you (read: prospects/potential customers).

That's really what it comes down to.

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Hand sanitizer advertising: A secret offline medium?

A hand soap dispenser inside a Subway restaurant

You enter a supermarket and that's the first image you see. What would you think of it? I'll tell you what I thought: nothing much.

When entering a location, your immediate goal is getting inside by any means so your attention hardly goes elsewhere. Oh my eyes noticed that soap-like dispenser but kept moving on along with my body. It didn't help the position of that particular device was awkward: way off to the side, away from the entrance and exit; almost stashed.